Projects I built in the beginning of my career

  • Touch Young Arrows


    App that features authentication using Devise with different user account types & levels of permissions and the interface to add, edit & export to CSV information of clients, staff and volunteers. Login for demo app, email: / password: password.

  • Hawkerpreneur Community

    Demo | GitHub

    Community app where users can upload pictures and posts about hawker stalls and dishes. They can view hawker centres' location on a map and click on the pin to go to posts tagged with the hawker.

  • Simon Game

    Demo | GitHub

    Simon Game is a game of memory skill. A random series of button presses is presented and the player is required to repeat the series.

  • Advent Calendar

    Demo | GitHub

    E-commerce Christmas promotion landing page. The calendar boxes are programmed based on the date, clicking today's date brings up a modal box with timer that countdown to midnight. You're also able to apply coupon codes.

  • Hacker News Clone

    Demo | GitHub

    A clone of the Hacker News website which features content submitted by users. This app features authentication, signup / login / logout, users are able to submit & upvote links, realtime updates on the UI provided with subscriptions.

  • Pomodoro Timer

    Demo | GitHub

    Time management tool where the user can start a 25 minutes pomodoro, or customise the length of each pomodoro and break. The timer will go off when time has elapsed.

  • GitHub Repository Search

    Demo | GitHub

    Single page JavaScript application that allows one to search for repos by keyword. Results are paginated and optimised for speed and mobile responsiveness.

  • Tic Tac Toe

    Demo | GitHub

    Choose whether to play as X or O, play a game of Tic Tac Toe with the computer. The game will reset as soon as it's over so that you can play again.

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