Professional Work - Faethm AI

During my time at Faethm AI I built frontend features and integrated APIs for an Artifical Intelligence platform that predicts the workforce impact of AI, Covid-19 and Robotics.

Faethm AI Covid-19 Module

Complex data insights delivered via chart visualisations and tables that help employers plan and mitigate workforce risk.

Professional Work - Accenture

During my time in Accenture I was involved in 2 major projects. The first of which was building highly scalable Open APIs ecosystem for our client, a major bank in Asia with more than 2 million users. The second was a mobile-responsive marketplace web application for one of the best digital banks in the world.

In between these projects I was building innovative assets for the ACNAPI team in Accenture, showcased below.

Infrastructure-as-Code, Seamless deployment across cloud environments

Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) is a service that enables you to deploy different technical architecture styles across multiple cloud providers with one click. Upon deployment, tech stacks will be auto-generated and microservices can be immediately deployed without custom intervention.

Augmented Reality (AR) Car Manual

AR solution to empower car owners with the ability to scan their car and teach them to fix smaller manageable problems.

Electronic Wallet

E-Wallet management system microservice deployed on serverless AWS lambda. Cash and reward points can be added as well as deducted from the E-Wallet of a user.

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